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jmke 18th October 2003 19:11

Catalyst 3.8

I used the Cat 3.8's and the Omega 3.8s for a short time after they were released to the public. I noticed a dramatic system temp increase. It went from around 28 degrees to 39 after half hour playing the call of duty demo. I wasn't satisfied with this, and as this was the ONLY reason for my temp increase I decided to roll-back to the Omega 3.7's. I did so and within half hour my temps were back to normal. Go figure. There is *definitely* something odd going on there.

piotke 18th October 2003 22:01

serious problem !

Gamer 18th October 2003 22:09

uninstalled them.

don't know if it's true, but you never know.

jmke 18th October 2003 22:23


With Radeon 9800/9700's capable of syncing @ a refresh rate of 200 Hz, that means 99% of the world's monitors are at risk of damage.

So far, a total of 183 monitors, ranging from high-end 22" Viewsonic P225F's to lowly 14" Compaq SVGA monitors have been reported as dead/damaged due to this problem. It is to be taken seriously.

Da_BoKa 18th October 2003 22:31

does that count for tft's alsow??


jmke 18th October 2003 22:41

wrong refresh rates for TFT's is also bad, so I think yes

SpoBo 19th October 2003 08:48

omfg crap .. I guess I'll go uninstall them now :( and reinstall when it\'s fixed or something .. Or would the Omega drivers fix this issue ?

jmke 19th October 2003 12:06

the Omega drivers are based on the ATI ones and have the same core code.. so in short: don\'t use them either

The Senile Doctor 19th October 2003 13:04

i haven\'t noticed anything, probably the pelt is keeping things as they should, muy overclock rests at 470/760 or sth.

I ain\'t changing, I live on the wild side

anes 19th October 2003 14:44

you\'re just looking for an excuse to buy new hardware :grin:

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