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jmke 9th June 2004 15:32

CaseMod 101 : History of Modding
About five years ago, give or take, some creative, but bored computer dudes were sitting around talking shop when a freak accident with an innocent and unassuming Dremel tool left a gaping hole in the side of an equally innocent and unassuming PC. The cutout showed off the Geek Stud innards of a high performance box. (Prolly a 266 MHz speed DEMON.)

It also added some much needed air-flow to cool things down from another PC "movement" of the [H]ard Core...Over Clocking. It also let in a lot of things besides air, like cheetos crumbs, dust and cat hair. Being the bright bunch we are somebody added a Plexiglas window and a few extra fans. And a few more fans. As clock speeds went up so did the number of fans. Right about then the wonderful world of LAN gaming was also really starting to take off. Everything was in place for an underground revolution in computing. Pimped PC's...God Boxes...Modding was born.

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