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jmke 26th September 2004 21:36

Biostar, DFI, Epox Try to Big Up Socket 775 Mobos with Added Features
Intel's self-purported "digital revolution" is in full swing. And while there are no performance improvements worth writing home about, the 915/Grantsdale and 925X/Alderwood platforms still offer a number of features that make the Socket 775 architecture at least interesting. On top of that, the Socket 775 doesn't require expensive DDR2 memory. These positives have not gone unnoticed by the mobo makers, a number of which introduced new boards based on this platform during the normally quiet summer months.

Among those in the latest Socket 775 crop, Biostar sent us a sample of its feature-laden P4TAW Extreme (925X) mobo with its generous interface options. The new LANParty boards from DFI offer a choice of the 915P or 925X chipsets, although only the 925X offers the wide range of features we have now come to expect. Epox, with its 915G-based EP - 5EBA model, also has possibilities.

Sidney 27th September 2004 01:51


As far as the processor is concerned, we would certainly advise against choosing a fast model, as the huge increase in heat you get with these models is not worth the small amount of extra performance they deliver. Nowadays, 2.8 GHz to 3.2 GHz is certainly fast enough.
This is the most interesting paragraph.:)

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