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jmke 10th September 2006 15:31

Bigfoot Killer Nic Network Card
Our final analysis of Killer is that it does deliver quite well on helping to squeeze out more performance (as measured by Frames per second), supports FNA and marginally helps ping; however, is it worth the $280 dollars? I suppose that depends on who you ask. If you talk to a typical VoodooPC or FalconNW system buyer who just shelled out over $5k on a complete system, then Im sure theyd demand the best possible gaming NIC out there but if you ask a do-it-yourselfer than chances are very slim.

Rutar 10th September 2006 19:26

the framerate hit from the onboard nic was HUGE o_O

jmke 10th September 2006 21:58

I really really really doubt the accuracy of those numbers;


Xploited Titan 11th September 2006 06:52

Well, can't access the page. Their review1.htm file seems damaged or so...

jmke 11th September 2006 08:20

site works perfectly here.. this is the FPS chart....

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