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Stefan Mileschin 13th February 2013 13:24

Big Content loses Demonoid pirate case
While Big Content cheered when it thought it had shut down the file-sharing site Demoniod and had its founder locked up last year, it seems that the case has collapsed.

Torrent Freak reports that an alleged operator of Demonoid has been released from jail and criminal proceedings have been halted.

Last year, Demonoid had its servers taken down by Ukrainian hosting company Colocall at the request of Interpol as part of a criminal investigation into the site's alleged owners in Mexico.

Mexican authorities raided the house of a Demonoid operator and one person connected to the BitTorrent tracker was later jailed.

According to the IIPA, the umbrella outfit for the MPAA and RIAA, the case has been stalled.

The group said that it was closely following the progress of the criminal case in Mexico, Ukraine and Panama, and hopes that a proper criminal investigation will quickly commence and proceed accordingly.

The Panama connection is new, but the country is a popular destination for offshore banking.

IIPA also mentioned that the alleged operator of Demonoid has already been released from jail and it is suspected that there was not enough evidence to hold him.

IIPA insists that the case the criminal case is ongoing but in the Ukraine.

Demonoid, meanwhile, has moved to Hong Kong where it found a new hosting company and a new .HK domain name. It is starting to look like another pirate has managed to sail out of reach of Big Content's huge legal guns.

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