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jmke 22nd April 2009 15:13

BFG GTX-275 OC Edition & SLI Testing
BFG has always been a front runner in getting new and interesting variants of GPU's to market. While other vendors are often happy with just stock speeds on GPU's, BFG offers a variety of models and speeds, many with different cooling solutions. Not only do they offer a wide variety of speeds, they are one of the 'Enthusiasts' choices for purchasing a GPU because they offer high quality GPU's and a limited lifetime warranty combined with unparalleled tech support. With a resume like that, it's hard not to pick a BFG GPU over lesser brands.

The advantage of buying a BFG factory overclocked GPU is that you get that little extra performance boost and it's covered by the limited lifetime warranty. Many people want the performance boost but don't have the experience or patience to overclock the GPU, so factory overclocked is good for them and it keeps the warranty intact. Not only do we have the BFG GTX-275 for you today, we also threw in some GTX-275 SLI results. So sit back and relax while we drive the GTX-275 like it was meant to be driven as hard as it will go, then pair it up with another GTX-275 and drive a pair of the enthusiast GPU's like wild horses running from a prairie fire.

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