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Sidney 1st November 2005 23:49

Beginners Guides: Ergonomics & Computers
If you are a long time computer user like me, you might have noticed the occasional hurts and discomforts that go hand in hand with spending long periods of time in front of the PC. Stare at a monitor for hours on end, year after year and most likely you'll eventually start to notice the pains magnify in frequency and severity. Do this long enough, and the discomfort could become part of the daily routine when you sit down to work or game at a computer. This guide aims to provide a guideline for identifying and avoiding situations which could result in the development of a repetitive strain injury, and to recommend ergonomically sound computer setups and products.


Sidney 2nd November 2005 00:39

Most people are not aware of the importance of this article; laptop users have no idea until, well until they ask themself why the hell they carry the "thing" daily commuting from office to home.

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