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Stefan Mileschin 17th November 2011 07:13

Backify Closes Free Accounts, Starts to Charge for Storage
Two months ago, we wrote about a new online storage provider called Backify. Backify got our attention because of their magnificent offer: 512GB of "totally free" online storage. I had to use quotes because Backify has now revealed their real business plan, and it's no longer free. From now on, the 512GB plan costs $1.50 a month. All free accounts will be closed on November 22nd, unless you are willing to pay the $1.50 monthly fee.

(Prices pulled due to fraud concerns)

While their new prices are still good, I have to say I'm anything but pleased with their service. I tried to sign up for their free plan several times with multiple email accounts, and every time I faced some kind of an error. I even waited a couple of weeks to see if it was just a temporary server issue, but no, I kept getting the same error. Contacting their support wasn't any better experience either. At first, I sent their support an email asking if we could review Backify (we would have needed some extra details). I waited for a few days but didn't get an answer. I then sent the same email to their CEO, Tarandeep Gill. No answer as of today. I also sent an email about the sign up problem but as you may guess, I haven't received a reply.

Due to their lousy support and fishy business model, I cannot recommend Backify to anyone. In the end, you would be giving them your personal files. Besides, what stops them from increasing the prices again? This is actually a pretty common business model. Mozy used to offer unlimited backups for $5 a month but nowadays, they charge $6/month for 50GB. Keep the prices low (or even free) to attract customers and when you reach a certain customer base, increase the price. Nice.

Update: The plot thickens. We just received a tip that the contract between Backify and Livedrive is no longer valid. Livedrive is the company which provided the technology and service behind Backify, so Backify was just a reseller. Since Backify is no longer able to provide any service, we strongly advise you to cancel your account and contact your credit card company if you have provided credit card information to Backify.

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