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Sidney 25th May 2005 14:58

ATI talks Xbox 360 in London has posted a news item from today's press conference held by ATI in London. ATI's Rene Froeleke detailed the awesome Anti-Aliasing performance that Microsoft specified for it's Xbox 360 GPU. case, and how ATI have delivered 4xAA 'for free' at a 720p resolution. He was also questioned about why Microsoft chose a 720p resolution over the 1080p resolution that Sony are using in the Playstation 3.


Heading into this year's E3, the limelight was undoubtedly focused on the console manufacturers and what they had in store that was going to revolutionize the gaming world. This being the case, we have decided to put together a comprehensive look at how Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo faired at this year's E3 Expo. Did Sony's CELL processor send the competition running scared? Will the Xbox 360 change how games are played? Is Nintendo going to make you buy a purple console again? These are all questions that we'll address and to help put things in perspective, we'll give each an overall score based on their press briefing, booth presence, and software lineup. We'll start with the Microsoft Xbox 360.

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