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jmke 1st October 2004 00:26

ATI's Theater 550 PRO Video Processor - A First Look Over Breakfast
week or so ago, as I was in London to test ATI's Radeon X700 XT, I had the chance to spend some time with a few guys from ATI's Multimedia group. The Multimedia group are the guys and gals responsible for products such as Radeon All-In-Wonder and TV Wonder. With Theater 550 PRO, the latest iteration of their class-leading video processing ASICs, making its debut recently, the Multimedia guys were in town as part of their world tour, showing off the 550 PRO to journalists, OEMs, systems integrators and anyone with a vested technological or sales and marketing interest in the hardware that'd listen.

I sat down with them to talk about 500 PRO, discuss future products based around it, and take the poor boards out for breakfast. Literally.

Check out the full story, along with shocking photographic proof, here.

URL for 550 Pro Video Processor:

jmke 1st October 2004 00:28

that must be the most disgusting breakfast I've ever seen, and not talking about the videocards...


IKilledMyAGOIA 1st October 2004 01:39

i guess baked beans are an american thing....

jmke 1st October 2004 01:50

Hexus is UK :)

Sidney 1st October 2004 02:24

You know how the food in London tastes.:D

jmke 1st October 2004 08:36

pretty good if you choose continental breakfast :D

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