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jmke 11th July 2005 19:17

ATIís R5-Series Nears Revenue Shipments: R520 in Q3
A web-site has confirmed that volume shipments of ATIís next-generation breed of visual processing units would begin in mid third quarter of the calendar year, which verifies ATIís official claim that no revenue shipments of next-gen products would happen earlier than in August.

ATI Technologiesí Taiwanese subsidiary expects to begin volume shipments of its 90nm graphics processing units (GPUs), the R520, R530 and RV515, in the middle of the third quarter, DigiTimes web-site reports. According to the company, late time to market of the R5-series was conditioned by ďunspecified issues for manufacturing on 90nm technologyĒ.

ATIís R520 and R530 visual processing units (VPUs) are expected to be positioned for the high-end market, whereas RV515 chip is likely to be aimed on the performance-mainstream market. Sometime in early 2006 ATIís high-end lineup is likely to be refreshed with code-named R580 graphics processor, which is more powerful than ATIís R520 GPU.

ďIn the case of the R520 we have seen some delay. Particularly, we need to deal with a new technology at the high-end. Itís a combination of both architectural and [process] technology bring up. We have this well under control now. As Patrick described, weíve taken a cautious position to not to consider revenues in our Q4 for our 90nm line,Ē said David Orton, the CEO of ATI, during a recent conference-call.

ATI code-named R5-series of VPUs is projected to support Shader Model 3.0 and other innovations, which requires a totally new graphics architecture from ATI. Still, general specifications of ATIís R520 as well as its derivative VPUs are unclear at this time.

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