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jmke 23rd May 2004 09:52

These are modified/hacked ATI Catalyst drivers. The drivers have been optimized with two things in mind, better Image Quality and more/stable frames per second when compared to the official Catalyst drivers from ATI! There's also a 64-bit edition available.

What's New :

Based on The Catalyst 4.5 and CAT 4.5 beta (mixed) Because the CAT 4.5 beta contained a newer file than the CATALYST 4.5 final release
Fixed the "User Defined Component Video Modes" that were missing from the Catalyst 4.5 drivers (fix was already in the DNA drivers but wasn't activated in that driver release yet) Redone all D3D and OGL tweaks since ATI changed allot of them
Added DNA-drivers "Black" theme
Updated LargeDesktopSettings
Updated FireGl settings and support
Deleted the ATI Uninstall program (as it's not needed anymore for the DNA-drivers because of the DNA-drivers copy protection)
Deleted the ATI Check Version program (because it's useless)
Added support for: -:RADEON X800
-:RADEON X800 XT Platinum Edition
-:Celestica "Gold Edition" RADEON 9600SE 128MB
-:Celestica "Gold Edition" RADEON 9600XT 256MB
-:ATI FireGL X3-256 (R420GL)

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