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jmke 23rd May 2008 14:29

ATI Radeon 4850 512MB Details Tip Up
We finally have a screenshot that confirms most of the things that we said about RV770PRO, here. Our sources suggested that ATI is talking about a Radeon 4850 512MB name for this card. The card at its top frequency works at 900MHz as we wrote yesterday, and the GDDR3 memory works at 1000MHz. ATI uses power play, a power saving technique that can drop the GPU clock to 500MHz or 625MHz, depending on the power state.

At the same time, the memory also works at three states. The top one is 1000MHz (2000MHz effectively), the second is 993MHz (1986MHz effectively), and the slowest one is 750MHz (1500MHz effectively). mid=34

thorgal 25th May 2008 09:53

900Mhz = shader clock (check link). That's something very different.

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