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jmke 10th May 2005 22:43

ATI Multi Video Processing Unit to Launch at Computex has summarized the available information on ATI’s multi-VPU technology for games. ATI Multi Video Processing (MVP) technology is expected to offer the right balance “of speed and quality” and be competitive when compared to NVIDIA’s multi-GPU implementation dubbed SLI. The formal launch of the MVP technology is claimed to be scheduled for Computex 2005 exhibition late this month in Taipei, Taiwan.

“Having developed military solutions based on up to 32 cards in the past, it appears that ATI has decided on a ‘tile’ based rendering approach as the default technology and perhaps the judgment was that this method offers the most ideal balance of speed and image quality (minimum size 32 pixels square). However it’s more than likely that the ATI MVP solution will be flexible to offer other rendering modes like AFR (Alternate Frame Rendering) as well,” writes

“Despair not though, as our information is that ATI itself will be the first to market with these exciting new products, and it’s on the cards that its third party Add In Board (AIB) partners such as GeCUBE, Sapphire and TUL will follow suit – and our money’s on this being very soon after the start of the Computex exhibition in Taiwan later this month,” the web-site claims.

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