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jmke 22nd May 2005 17:51

ATI Catalyst Tweak Guide
The ATI Catalyst driver suite has come a long way over the past few years. Starting out as a troubled and often unstable and buggy set of drivers it is now as good, if not better than the competing Nvidia drivers. For ATI graphics card users, in terms of features, stability and performance the Catalysts only have one true competitor: the Omega drivers.

The Omegas are a custom-made driver set developed by a guy named 'Omegadrive' and they have become very popular among ATI graphics card owners. It is important to understand however that the Omega drivers are actually based on the Catalyst drivers themselves, of course with lots of tweaking. However any significant underlying problem in the Catalysts often comes through in the Omegas, since Omegadrive does not rewrite this code. Contrary to popular belief and with all due respect to Omegadrive and all the good work he does the Omega drivers are not some magical driver set which resolve all problems and perform much better than the Catalysts, nor are they purported to be. They are an excellent set of drivers for ATI users, however there is another alternative for those of you yearning to customize drivers to suit your exact needs.

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