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jmke 1st July 2005 17:46

ATI All in Wonder X800XT AGP Multimedia Video Card

Multimedia entertainment is redefined with the new All-in-Wonder® X800 XT - the most complete multimedia and 3D gaming experience for your PC.

Built upon the award-winning powerful Radeon® X800 Visual Processing Unit (GPU), this new multimedia add-in video card brings innovative solutions for home theater, video editing and gaming enthusiasts. Turn your computer into a personal video recorder (PVR), DVD player, 3D game machine, radio jukebox and more. You can enjoy new levels of entertainment on your PC monitor, TV, or HDTV display, with the included output connections.

All-in-Wonder® X800 XT is the first video card to feature DVI-I and VGA monitor connectivity plus a TV and FM Radio tuner in a single slot device. This video card is also the first All-in-Wonder® to feature new input and output block connectors that provide easy access to peripheral devices.

All-in-Wonder® X800 XT features extraordinary video processing capabilities that reduce noise, intelligently de-interlace and accelerate video playback that produce unmatched video quality. With VideoShader™ HD , Radeon® X800 graphics technology takes advantage of its advanced video processing engine for user programmable video effects, video quality enhancement, and encoding and decoding of many video standards, including MPEG1/2/4, Real Media, DivX and Microsoft Windows Media Video 9. Radeon® X800 Graphics Technology also supports the latest high-definition and wide display formats, providing a larger, more vivid movie, gaming and internet experience.

The Gold Standard Solution for Media and Entertainment

ALL-IN-WONDER® X800XT includes everything you need to transform your PC into the ideal home theater-quality entertainment center. Enjoy advanced 125-channel TV, FM Radio, DVD, and video recording and playback. Record programs to your hard drive with full on-demand PVR functionality, record and play back digital audio, and use the embedded DVD burning capability. Connect dual monitors with separate DVI-I and VGA connections.

Experience crisp video and sound with ATI THEATER 200™, and control TV and DVD playback at a distance with the easy-to-read EAZYLOOK™ on-screen user interface. Zoom-in, pan, or freeze live-action TV with TV-ON-DEMAND™, and instantly replay tunes with FM-ON-DEMAND™. Schedule program viewing with Gemstar GUIDE Plus+™. Monitor closed-captioned programs unattended with HOTWORDS™, and automatically create printable program transcripts with TV MAGAZINE™. ALL-IN-WONDER® X800XT includes innovative new input and output modular block connectors for easy access to your peripheral devices, making your PC the high-performance hub of your entire digital home.

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