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jmke 28th August 2008 18:36

ASUS Rampage Extreme Motherboard Review
The Rampage Extreme overclocking was impressive, but a bit outside of our normal methods. For this board, I used 2 independent water cooling systems, an Asetek Waterchill unit attached to the Fusion water block sitting on top of the board’s Northbridge and therefore, its heat pipe. The other, a Corsair Nautilus 500 unit, was attached to the CPU. Testing was done with both an Intel E6300 CPU and an Intel Q9300 CPU, in conjunction with Corsair XM3-1800 memory modules.

Using the E6300 CPU, I took the board to an impressive 550MHz FSB, resulting in a CPU speed of 3.31GHz. Unfortunately, the only way I could get the CPU to run that high was to lower the multiplier to 6x, resulting in the lower than expected speed. The memory capped out at a speed of 1466MHz, which happened to occur during the same overclocking session.

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