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jmke 10th July 2008 15:28

ASUS Maximus II Formula P45 Motherboard
There are however a few areas in which the Maximus II may not be the best idea. Firstly the price. Weighing in at around 180, this is a very expensive motherboard for what is touted as a mid-range chipset. At a similar price point, an X48 based motherboard could be had which may hurt sales of the Maximus II and while I haven't noticed any noticeable slowdown between the P45 and X48, if you intend on going multi-GPU it makes sense, at the same price point, to go for a board with the higher numbers, in this case, double the amount of PCIe lanes. It may not effect the current crop of graphics cards but in the future it might although to what extent no one can tell. There is also the P5Q range of motherboards to contend with, also from Asus which, with regard to the P5Q Deluxe, perform at least on a par with the Maximus II leaving you to pay an extra 60 for the luxuries the Maximus II has to offer and luxuries it most certainly has - but 60 worth?

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