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jmke 2nd June 2009 15:36

ASUS Mars GTX 295 Preview
Rumors are going around the graphics card industry like never before and every time a new generation is about to launch the stream of stories becomes thicker and thicker, and it far from easy to dig through all the possible facts that these reports may contain. What we all most certainly know though is that both AMD and NVIDIA are working on very powerful graphics circuits that will not only bring DirectX 11 but also considerably more crunching power to the table.

Even if the first rumored specifications of both AMD's and NVIDIA's new cards are quite impressive they are still unconfirmed, at the same time it is unclear when we will actually see any of them in stores. Not just because AMD and NVIDIA are reluctant to reveal any possible launch dates but also because they most likely don't know yet. Both AMD RV870 and NVIDIA's G300 (also known as GT300) will be made by TSMC and its new 40nm process. The problem is that the 40nm process has been problematic for TSMC and Radeon HD 4770, which is the first retail graphics cards using a 40nm graphics circuit, is hard to come by.

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