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jmke 25th October 2006 07:35

Asus M2R32-MVP CrossFire Xpress 3200 Motherboard
A year ago we would have never expected to say this, but ATi's CrossFire Xpress 3200 (aka the ATi RD580) Northbridge and SB600 Southbridge combo are as strong as the equivalent chipsets from nVidia. The Asus M2R32-MVP motherboard is moderately priced for a socket AM2 platform. The M2R32-MVP supports all Socket AM2 processors from the AMD Sempron to Athlon64, X2 and FX processors. There are four DDR2 DIMM slots which accommodate as much as 8GB Of DDR2-800 memory. The two PCI Express x16 slots are obviously for videocards, and Crossfire Edition videocards in particular if dual-card gaming is your thing

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