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jmke 10th January 2011 13:00

ASUS GTX580 1.5GB Review
Looking back over the past year, Nvidia have had a tough ride. Firstly,
they were late with the release of their high end GPU, resulting in AMD
taking the golden opportunity to grab some much needed market share, and
secondly their Fermi architecture became notorious for its high power
consumption, temperatures and noise. The GF100 core was without a shadow of
doubt the most powerful GPU available but in the form of the GTX480, it
remained unappealing to most users. Furthermore, the GTX480 was a cut down
version of core specifications, which seemingly wasn't enough to reduce all
of its negative attributes. In its bid to take the performance crown, Nvidia
had sacrificed user appeal. Fundamentally, Fermi is still a very successful
architecture and we only have to look at its sheer compute power to realise
that Nvidia have succeeded in producing what they set out to do despite the

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