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jmke 26th July 2010 22:46

ASUS GeForce GTX 460 TOP: Finally a Proper Fermi!
Ever since the first Fermi-based graphics card appeared at the end of March, it was clear that something just doesn’t smell alright about it. The first cards from the GeForce GTX 400 series were obviously engineered under great pressure. The result was chips that were fast, but the price, consumption, heating and yield percentage of which was far from commendable, as much as Nvidia tried to convince us otherwise. Yet everyone has the right to a second chance, so Nvidia figured that the correct perspective isn’t in weakening the way too expensive GF100 chip and its installation onto weaker card revisions (as confirmed by GeForce GTX 465, the review of which we’ve recently published), instead going for developing a weaker, but more economical version of the chip, something that the upper intermediate class cards could be based on…

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