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jmke 6th October 2005 23:42

ASUS CT-479 Pentium M Adapter

We are taking a look at the ASUS CT-479 Adapter which allows you to use an Intel Mobile Processor in your desktop. This Socket 478 to Socket 479 converter is considerably less expensive than the native Socket 479 boards. With this adapter you can turn that old ASUS 865P/875P mobo into a serious gaming machine. The OCZ DDR Booster is reviewed along with the ASUS CT-479 Adapter.

Tithian 7th October 2005 07:49

A pity it'll only work with ASUS boards. I'd gladly see a Dothan in my mobo someday :)
I wonder if Abit is going to release a similar adapter, after all, they were the ones who made the famous SlotKet.

RichBa5tard 7th October 2005 07:58

Got me a Dothan Celeron 1.4Ghz a week ago. Runs fanless at 33% oc.

It's great to have a fan-free, fast pc. : )

Sidney 7th October 2005 21:39

I wonder if it will work in my P4P800 and not the E version.

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