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jmke 29th July 2008 16:13

Asus AMD overclocking motherboard M3A79-T Deluxe released
Asus AMD overclocking motherboard M3A79-T Deluxe released

Exceptional Overclocking Performance
The M3A79-T DELUXE features Precision Tweaker 2 – a voltage fine-tuning tool that offers higher overclocking capabilities. This ASUS exclusive feature provides 0.02v adjustments per step for the NB Voltage, SB Voltage and the DRAM Voltage – which facilitates the highest overclocking performance while preventing system shutdown due to high voltage inputs by minimizing the gap between two voltage adjustments.

This motherboard also supports the AMD OverDrive (AOD) technology, and allows users to configure overclocking settings in Windows environments to enable greater performance tuning margins for CPUs. By integrating Precision Tweaker 2 and AOD, the M3A79-T DELUXE provides excellent overclocking capabilities for the CPU, chipsets and DRAM – making it one of the best platforms for optimized overclocking performance.

140W CPU Ready for Exceptional Performance
The M3A79-T DELUXE is able to support 140W powered CPUs – enabling users to take full advantage of fast CPU core frequencies to provide awesome performances for thread-intensive games and applications; as well as being backed with a solid power design for the most stable operations.

Best Quality Components for Longer Lifespans
Great system performance is not only governed by special features alone – but also requires the best quality components. The M3A79-T DELUXE utilizes the absolute highest quality power components such as low RDS (on) MOSFETs for min. switching loss & lower temperatures, Ferrite core chokes with lower hysteresis loss, and most importantly, 100% high quality Japan-made conductive polymer solid capacitors (5000hrs VRM, Voltage Regulator Module). With these high quality components, users will be able to attain higher power efficiency, better stability and lower temperatures to obtain the best overclocking results and enjoy longer component lifespans.

Instant Fun in 5 Seconds Bootup Time with Express Gate!
Besides delivering exciting overclocking performances, the M3A79-T DELUXE also brings to users a completely new and exciting Internet usage experience. With the ASUS Express Gate – an ASUS exclusive built-in Operating System, it only takes 5 seconds* to go online from bootup without entering Windows. With such quick Internet access, users will be able to enjoy online videos, chatting through most popular Instant Messengers (IM) like MSN, Skype, Google Talk, QQ, and Yahoo! Messenger, check on the weather or send/receive e-mails just before leaving their homes without time constraints. What΄s more, the user-friendly Picture Manager offers slideshows and different modes to view and edit photos and albums according to individual user preferences. All of these powerful functions come together to make the M3A79-T DELUXE a fun and enjoyable platform on top of providing enhanced system performances.

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