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jmke 2nd December 2008 11:20

Asus 9800 GTX+ Dark Knight
What would the Dark Knight name be without a cool design to go with it? That is why Asus has painted the GPU cooler a cool black/silverish color along with a blue PCB. I feel that Asus really succeeds with the look of the Dark Knight, but can it perform just as good as the true Dark Knight? With the custom GPU cooler, Asus hopes that you will be able to overclock your heart out with this card, and thus achieve higher frame rates.

As many of us know, generally, if you lower temperatures, your max overclock will be increased. With higher overclocks more performance is possible. Today, we will see if this cooler is up to the task of doing a lot of overclocking, and ultimately performing better than ATI's competing card, the HD 4850.

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