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jmke 16th February 2006 15:17

Asetek WaterСhill Antarctica KT03A-12VX & KT03-L20
There can be no questions about the performance of the WaterСhill Antarctica KT03A-12VX 1/2 inch, but the WaterChill KT03-L20 Entry is somewhat disappointing. If you refer to our roundup of entry-level water-cooling systems, you will find that its performance corresponds to that of the Gigabyte 3D Galaxy GH-WIU01. Moreover, the room temperature was 2°C lower during the tests of the WaterChill KT03-L20 Entry and there is also a difference in the maximum fan speeds: the WaterChill’s 3300rpm against the 3D Galaxy’s 2500rpm. Not quite good for Asetek. Two components are guilty here: the water-block and the radiator. To prove my point, I replaced the water-block from the KT03-L20 Entry kit with the water-block from the KT03A-12VX 1/2 inch. It was simple as the pipes just fitted one into another quite tightly

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