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Stefan Mileschin 24th January 2014 12:41

ARCTIC Freezer i11/A11
Five Things ...
… that show you that there is an urgent need for a new CPU cooler

There should be people who think that coolness doesn’t matter. Mostly the CPU sees things totally differently!
How you can recognize if it is time to refresh your in-house heathead once again – these five things betray:

There is an urgent need for a new CPU cooler, when …

1. … this winter the family doesn’t sit together in front of the fireplace but the warming computer
2. … you wonder why the loudly SMMMMMMM suddenly disappears when you leave the house
3. … the PC collapses more often in one day than David Hasselhoff in his whole life
4. … the manual of the last purchased device is as understandable as one from Ikea
5. ... It is time to buy a new CPU cooler: Because the new ARCTIC Freezer i11/A11 is even better in everything now!

The ARCTIC Freezer i11/A11
«A real price-performance champion» that’s how praised the previously unbeaten bestseller among ARCTIC
CPU coolers , the Freezer 7 Pro. The new ARCTIC Freezer i11/A11 for Intel and AMD leaves his successful forerunner
behind. Airflow, cooling performance, noise level and transport-proofness have been significantly optimized. Whether you are an expert at installing electronics or this is your first time; the Freezer i11/A11 is just a few minutes
away from being installed and virtually silent in performance.

The ARCTIC Freezer i11/A11 is available from January 2014 at a price of USD$39.95 under
or at Amazon ( USA ) , Amazon ( UK ) , Ibertronica ( Spain ) , Dekada ( Bulgaria ) , Tntrade ( Czech Republic ).

- Compact high-performance Intel/AMD CPU Cooler
- Cooling capacity 150 W
- Extremely quiet 92mm PWM fan with vibration absorption rubber mounts
- 4 mounting variants
- 3 double-sided heatpipes and 45 fins for efficient heat dissipation
- High-performance MX-4 thermal paste included

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