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Sidney 24th June 2005 22:35

Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 Ultra CPU Cooler
The growing popularity of socket 939 means that more coolers are being made for the K8 platform than ever before. The focus has shifted away from sockets 478 and A and now all the new products are moving to the newer processors, just as the computer industry has always worked. In addition to making new products for the new platforms, many old, yet proven, products are being adapted to fit the new requirements. One such item is the Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 Ultra CPU cooler. This product is very similar to a number of coolers produced by Arctic Cooling in the past, many of which were quite successful. One of the first of this style was the 4ProL, which we reviewed a long time ago on our s478 test bed. Though a number of changes were made the products are strikingly similar.


Rutar 24th June 2005 22:43

very very intresting, Scythe USA is working together with Arctic Cooling for the distribution

Scythe really needs a company that can supply quality fans as their fans are a desaster (see A64 roundup), that makes my business management sensors go off =0

Rutar 24th June 2005 22:46

altough theys don't talk about the real purpose of this cooler which is to be more silent :(

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