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Sidney 29th November 2005 18:13

Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro Athlon64 Heatsink
The Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro is a novel lower-noise AMD Athlon64 heatsink for socket 754, 939, and 940 processors. It replaces the AC Freezer 64 heatsink which came before it, and improves on the design slightly. This new cooler has three heatpipes where there were only two, and a more fully enclosed fan than the previous free-floating version had.

The Freezer 64 Pro suspends its 2200RPM fan on four dualaxial rubber vibration absorbing posts. The general idea of which is to prevent any motor vibrations from transferring to other areas of the chassis which might create noise. The 92mm fan itself is pretty unique in that the design minimizes turbulence and noise created by air moving over the edges of the frame.

Arctic Cooling's heatsink is constructed from a simple mix of three "U" shaped heatpipes and 42 stacked aluminum fins. A small square copper base is soldered to the three heatpipes (which run directly through it) at the base, and this helps to create a short thermal path from the CPU to the fins. Curiously though, the heatsinks' copper base is a little smaller than the 37.5 x 37.5mm IHS of K8-series processors. The whole package weighs 528 grams.

Rutar 29th November 2005 20:38

test setup

here lies a problem, in the other review AC mentioned that the HSF has to be placed so the pipes operate properly (like it would be in a tower)

link to review

When using the 9500 from Zalman as comparison, it seems to be the case that they placed it wrong. Too much scientific testing results in wrong result (and I do like scientific testing).

I enjoyed the scientific roughness test and the mp3 Sample.

Rutar 30th November 2005 09:29

just got a mail, orientation was correct in the test setup

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