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jmke 5th November 2010 11:18

Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus GPU Cooler
Accelero Xtreme Plus is an unapologetic three-fan monster GPU cooler that Arctic Cooling claims can tackle cards drawing up to 250W. It may be the VGA heatsink noise-adverse gaming enthusiasts have been waiting for.
The best dual fan cooler we've tested, the GELID Icy Vision was absolutely destroyed by the Accelero Xtreme Plus. Though it is a big improvement over the stock cooler, the GELID was simply outclassed by the three-fan Arctic Cooling behemoth. At similar noise levels, the Xtreme Plus delivered massive improvements in GPU and VRM temperatures, about 24C and 12C respectively.

At 5V/17 dBA, the Icy Vision wasn't able to keep the GPU cool enough and we saw the card's clock speeds throttle in response. With the Xtreme Plus, the 5870 remained stable with the fans at 5V, a level that generated no measurable noise increase in our test system, though the VRM temperature was quite high. Cooling a 215W card while remaining essentially inaudible is simply astonishing.

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