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Stefan Mileschin 29th February 2016 05:39

Apple’s design genii make a click of themselves
The design genii at Apple scored an own goal with the website’s CSS code to prevent people misreading the tagline for its latest operating system, OS X El Capitan.

The line should say, "There’s more to love with every click", but to the wonders of Apple’s strict corporate logo design the c and the l looked a little blended.

These many fanboys were shocked to read that “there was more to love than ****.” Given that Apple fanboys can’t get their hands on anything else it must have been a little disappointing.

Apple has changed the letter spacing, so there’s no chance of accidentally seeing the word "****" when glancing at the slogan, although there is no guarantee that an Apple fanboy will not see one when they look in the mirror.

What is a little surprising is that given the amount of money spend on Apple’s corporate image, as opposed to investing in research and development, this howler was not spotted a long time ago and there would have been a few more cock-ups noticed by now.

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