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Stefan Mileschin 13th June 2013 13:35

Apple reportedly considering iPhone phablet
Rumours of a bigger, or cheaper iPhone have been floating around for years, but lately they’ve become too frequent and believable to discount as mere fanboy rambling. They are coming from credible sources, too.

Reuters is reporting that Cupertino is indeed working on several new iPhones, including a cheaper $99 model, which should cost about $399 unsubsidized and unlocked. The cheap iPhone should arrive in five to six colours, which should indicate that it’s gunning for the younger, cash strapped consumer.

However, the really interesting bit is that Apple is working on two bigger iPhones. One should feature a 4.7-inch screen, which puts it toe to toe with HTC’s One and the Galaxy S4, along with every other high-end Android phone out there. The second model is apparently a phablet with a 5.7-inch screen that should take on likes of Samsung’s Galaxy Note.

Naturally, Apple did not wish to comment on the rumours. However, Reuters doesn’t tend to fool around and it is citing sources close to the matter, as well as people in the supply chain, who claim Apple has already approached display makers asking for bigger screens.

But there is a caveat. Apple tends to develop tons on prototypes that never hit the market and it might even be looking for displays for another product, like an oversized iPod touch.

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