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jmke 28th January 2010 13:10

Apple iPad is like a car without a motor
YESTERDAY WE WERE TREATED to the spectacle of Apple CEO Steve Jobs attempting to peddle a slow touchscreen netbook without a keyboard for nearly twice the price of anything similar on the market.

It reminded me of my grandfather, a crook who set up a used car business in Durban auctioning dodgy cars to Boers who were not used to that sort of thing. He was so good at it that he once won a bet that he could sell a car without a motor for more than he would get for a car with one in it. The story goes that he did it by emphasising how the motor that shipped in the car limited your options.

When Steve Jobs stood up yesterday with the "Ipad" he clearly was having a laugh.

jmke 28th January 2010 13:44

I'll take this over iPad:

thorgal 28th January 2010 14:04

Not overly impressed with that lenovo : serious lag on that touchscreen there, then ipad does a lot better.

However, I have to say, I'm not at all impressed with iPad either, unfortunately. Its hardware is good (not great, but sufficient), but the software part, the OS-part, is such a missed opportunity it is beyond comprehension. It's a locked down software environment, still without flash support, without multitasking on a blown up iphone interface. Conclusion : I'm not buying (but I'm sure a lot of you will ;) )

jmke 28th January 2010 14:26

define "you" ;-)

... to be honest though
between a netbook , a laptop and a desktop PC; who needs another "PC" ?
netbook >> ipad
ipad costs as much as laptop

why did they even make this device?

jmke 28th January 2010 15:28


jmke 28th January 2010 15:45

one for the road:

blackened 28th January 2010 16:00

I'll just keep my 3" iPad with a built in phone.. I believe its just called an iPhone..

jmke 28th January 2010 20:26

wutske 28th January 2010 22:30

thorgal 28th January 2010 22:35

Rather "not" funny in my humble opinion, and wrong in some aspects :

- no free internet ? heh ?
- no storage ? (16-32-64 dockable storage cfr. ipods)
- no USB support ? (no slot ues, but support is there)

and some more stupid tags?

Don't get me wrong though, as mentioned before I'm not a fan of iPad either...

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