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Stefan Mileschin 1st June 2012 07:13

Apple cracks down on iPhone 5 leaks
Apple CEO Tim "not Steve" Cook has ordered a crackdown on security after the iPhone 5 spec was leaked to the great unwashed before it could be spun properly.

The iPhone 5 needs a whole lot of hyping, if the designs are anything to go by. It looks like the twin of the iPhone 4S, which was the twin of the iPhone 4, which looked rather similar to the iPhone 3.

You can imagine how cross Cook was when the plans were leaked in an unhyped manner. Apple was famous for its secrecy with only a few people at the top ever knowing the final recipe for the secret sauce.

The leak came from the iLab Factory and has had many of the details blurred out, but another source has provided MacRumors with a complete version of the schematic including measurements for several of the important features on the panel.

According to Ubergizmo, Cook said that Apple had to double down on "secrecy on products - I'm serious". The last bit was a redundancy. Cook is not known for his wise cracks so we can assume he is not joking.

It is difficult to see how Apple could be more secretive. At the moment Apple's security is only matched by the Israeli army's nuclear weapons sites.

Currently only a handful of people know the overall picture of what goes on at Apple - often at the expense of getting products out. The system is that each section works to very specific specifications and do not know what the overall project is.

More security would require people to be hardwired to Cook and only being allowed to go home when the project is finished.

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