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jmke 27th July 2010 16:47

Antec DF-30 Dark Fleet Computer Case
Antec has been around for a long time. Chances are, if you enjoy building your own computers or even tinkering with them, you have heard of Antec. They make a myriad of components and accessories for a wide range of computer users. One of the areas in which Antec has always had a strong presence is computer cases. Many of their enclosures have received very high marks from all across the industry, earning them a lot of recognition in the computer world. In the summer of 2010, Antec released a new line of computer cases known as the Dark Fleet. In this article, Benchmark Reviews is taking an in-depth look at the Antec DF-30 Mid-Tower Computer Case. At right around $100, the DF-30 represents the most inexpensive case so far in the Dark Fleet line. We will be exploring the DF-30 Mid-Tower Case to see if it stands up to the name Antec has worked so hard to earn.


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