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Stefan Mileschin 7th June 2012 06:35

Analyst believes Facebook will go the way of the dodo
How bad can things get for Facebook in the long run? If Ironfire Capital founder Eric Jackson is to be believed, very bad indeed.

Appearing on CNBC, Jackson made a number of very dire predictions. He basically sees Facebook as a fad and believes it could all but disappear.

"In five to eight years they are going to disappear in the way that Yahoo has disappeared," he said. Computerworld reports Jackson went on to point out that Yahoo is still out there, it is still profitable and it still has 13,000 employees, but “for all intents and purposes, it has disappeared.”

Jackson argues that the internet has seen three generations of companies so far. Traditional web portals like Yahoo were the first generation, social networking sites the second generation, while the third generation is all about mobile. So it is all about something that Facebook has failed to crack so far.

Still, there are quite a few mobile success stories, including simple but effective cloud and messaging services, casual games and much more. And there is plenty of money to be made, all you need is a trending and overvalued service and a sucker with deep pockets. Why, just the other day some sort of photo sharing service that also ruins your photos in the process sold for a billion bucks.

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