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jmke 11th May 2007 14:39

AMD - The Road Ahead
A quiet AMD isn't a good AMD, but unfortunately it's the AMD we've been left with ever since Intel started becoming more competitive. In fact, the more Intel changed for the better, the more it seemed AMD changed for the worse. Intel started bringing out better product, talking more about its plans for the future, and made a whole lot of sense in just about everything it was doing and saying. Meanwhile, AMD just seemed to freeze up; we got no disclosures of upcoming products, no indication of direction, and very little sign of the hungry, competitive AMD that took Intel on and actually won a bout.

Sidney 12th May 2007 04:36

Interesting road ahead; at a cross or find new path leading to better places. Centralized de-centralized; modular or not; overclocking is over/done and gone for good ...... interesting if Intel goes the same path.

Kougar 13th May 2007 09:39

Erie, I have to almost completely agree with everything Anand said in that article, especially regarding outlooks on AMD. They really needed to have done this months ago, but at least they did it now and still appear to be changing for the better. Now with any luck that rumor regarding a 500MHz higher than stated clockspeed launch will be true...

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