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jmke 11th January 2006 18:21

AMD Athlon X2 Stock CPU Cooler
Quote: “Stock coolers that come with CPU's, most people that want to push their systems don't even install them. When they bought their setups they also made sure they got an after market CPU cooler as well. I was moving some stuff around in my attic trying to find something and came across the box for my AMD Athlon X2 4200+ CPU, I had forgotten that the original CPU cooler was in there. I opened up the box and was looking closer at the stock CPU cooler, it is a big boy. I never installed it, when I bought my system I also purchased a Zalman CPU cooler to use, because I knew I was going to be pushing my system. Anyway, I decided to see just what the stock cooler could do.”

Review URL:

JMke says:"why did he not compare performance and noise with that Zalman he bought.. I mean.. he just posts temps for the stock cooling.. argh"

Sidney 11th January 2006 18:28

I have a 4-pipe ;)

jmke 11th January 2006 18:41

another one to compare then.. now we have 3 different stock A64

jmke 12th January 2006 20:57

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