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jmke 18th June 2004 11:10

AMD Athlon 64 FX-57 Shows on Horizon
Advanced Micro Devices may push the release of its high-end microprocessor for desktops produced using 90nm fabrication process into the second quarter of next year, X-bit labs has learnt from sources close to the company. But before the chipmaker unveils its new microprocessor design, there will be a yet another 130nm product targeting enthusiasts.

As reported, AMD plans to introduce its AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 chip in the Q4 2004. The chip will be clocked at 2.60GHz, but is still likely to be made using current 130nm Silicon-on-Insulator process technology. A more powerful processor geared towards hardcore enthusiasts – AMD Athlon 64 FX-57 – made using 90nm SOI fabrication process is expected to emerge in the Q2 2005. Previously high-end desktop parts were referred to as “code-named San Diego”.

AMD Athlon FX microprocessors are positioned as top-of-the-range offerings from Advanced Micro Devices. While the architecture of the Athlon 64 FX is the same compared to the Athlon 64, e.g. the chips can execute the same software, including 64-bit software, the chips feature large 1MB level-two cache as well as dual-channel memory controller, bringing some additional speed bumps for the chips that cost approximately $800 today.

By contrast, typical AMD Athlon 64 processors that cost from around $200 to $750 today, either feature single-channel memory controller or only 512KB of secondary-level cache delivering slightly lower performance compared to the “FX” parts.

By the time the AMD Athlon 64 FX-57 hits the market, the Sunnyvale, California-based chipmaker is likely to launch its Athlon 64 4000+ (Q4 2004), Athlon 64 4200+ (Q1 2005) and Athlon 64 4400+ (Q2 2005), sources said.

All the new AMD Athlon 64-series processors will be drop-in compatible with Socket 939 infrastructure that can supply up to 105W of power to central processing units.

Representatives for Advanced Micro Devices do not typically comment on information from unofficial sources.

The Senile Doctor 20th December 2004 19:49

the recent developments show us that we can expect an fx57 being just a 2.8 ghz fx (we do well above that now in oc-land) probably 2nd half of 2005!!
so there's no new processing units for about another 6-7 months

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