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piotke 27th September 2006 17:34

AM2 Ready Ninja PLUS CPU Cooler – Revision B
Due to the new socket addition from AMD, "Socket AM2", we have adjusted
the current Ninja PLUS CPU Cooler to be compatible to AM2 socket.
Because of the complicated construction of the Ninja heatsink, we were
unable to come up with the "replacement" clips, instead, we had to modify
the heatsink base & create the new mounting clips for AM2 as well as
other sockets. The changes to the product are:

- AM2 socket Compatibility (Addition)
- Lower Fan Noise Level (23.5dBA -> 20.94dBA!!)
- More Airflow (46.5CFM -> 49.58CFM!!)
- Easier Installation (Semi-VTMS Clips -> Easier to mount than former models!!)

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