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jmke 15th April 2010 23:47

All USB 3.0 implementations are not created equal
IF YOU'RE a regular reader of SemiAccurate, then you'll know that we put a question forward to the USB Implementers Forum with regards to how they certify the various USB 3.0 implementations and if they perform any kind of speed testing. We were slightly taken aback by the answer, that no performance testing is done during the certification process, so we decided to dig a little deeper to find out if there are any differences between the various implementations on the market.

What is also worth adding to the story is that Asus put up a slide during the press conference at the USB-IFconference claiming to offer a USB 3.0 implementation that is nearly 75 percent faster than “others”. This claim was denied by Gigabyte’s representative at the same press conference. The two companies implement USB 3.0 in slightly different ways on P55 based motherboards, as this chipset - as well as some older Intel chipsets - is unable to provide enough PCI Express bandwidth for a USB 3.0 controller to be able to operate at full speed.

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