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Sidney 12th August 2005 05:13

AcoustiFan Ultra-Quiet 120mm Fan and Accessories
We'll start off with the Acoustifan Ultra-Quiet DustProof fan, a slim-line 120mm case fan that touts itself as being both ultra-quiet and "DustProof". The complete product specifications can be found here, but I'll summarize some of the data for you. The highlights of the charts shown are the noise level data and the airflow in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) based upon voltage input. Note that this is manufacturer supplied data and has not been verified.

Sidney 12th August 2005 05:18

-Rustling leaves 20 dBA
-Excellent listening conditions less than 30 dBA
-Quiet whisper (1 meter) 30 dBA
-Quiet home 40 dBA
-Normal conversation 60 dBA
-Food blender (1 meter) 90 dBA

For those bother by the sound of rustling leaves 20dBA sound; the fan above produces <10 dBA 1 meter away will make your quiet home seem like a drag race track. :)

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