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jmke 21st September 2004 11:21

AC Ryan launches Ryanpower2: Customizing your way with CableFREE
AC Ryan has been buzzing with excitement over the new power supply. AC Ryan changes the way power supply is designed with the new and revolutionary CableFREE™ and Conductx™. From now on, all AC Ryan power supplies will incorporate the CableFREE™ and Conductx Lite™ starting from the new series Ryanpower2™.

CableFREE™ takes those unsightly and messy cables out of the power supply - yes, no more cables. In looking at power supply design, AC Ryan has concluded that cables has often been a significant weakpoint in a power supply - too short cables, too long cables, messy cables, bad cables (no EMI shielding), changing specifications that obsoletes a power supply (20 pin, 24pin, SATA etc), not enough connectors etc. And with psu-modding, cabling presents an even bigger problem - non color matched, different cabling and sleeving styles etc. By taking out the cables, the CableFREE™ design removes all these problems from the power supply.

Now comes Conductx™ - intelligent, superior, styling, function, performance - you said it all. Think of power extension cables (multiple molex extension, multiple fan extension, 24pin extensions etc), all FlexSleeve™ sleeved and Connectx™ color matched connectors. Think of extreme performance cables with extra EMI-shielding. Think of intelligently designed cables for special configurations. Conductx™ can be used with your standard power supplies, or for your modded power supplies, and perfect companion for the AC Ryan's CableFREE™ design.

With a CableFREE™ power supply, you are now free to use power cables that suit your needs (be it functional, performance or styling needs). All AC Ryan's new power supplies are equipped with CableFREE™ design and comes with a standard set of superior high quality Conductx™ so you immediately enjoy the superiority that CableFREE™ brings to you.

Simply plug in ONLY the Conductx™ that you need
- you have an AMD XP system with 2 HDD, 1 CDRW drive, 1 floppy drive.
- simply use 1x ATX20pin extension cable, 1x Molex4pin extension cable (for 2 HDD / 1 CDRW / 1 floppy)
- ONLY 2 cables in your system - no messy unorganised cables cluttering up the system. Only 2 Conductx™ with exceptional looks and performance.

The Ryanpower2 is a moddable power supply. Not only you can change the cables but also the fans inside the power supply with ease. Other power supplies use 2-pin fan connectors inside their power supply; that means no easy fan changing! AC Ryan thinks of 3-pin fan connectors inside the power supply to make your life easier when it comes down to changing a PSU fan. AC Ryan uses one 80mm and one 92mm silent fan for optimum cooling.

AC Ryan's Ryanpower2 comes with a standard set of Conductx Lite™ power supply cables to get you started; silver sleeving gives superb EMI shielding. No more white connectors; Conductx Lite™ comes standard with black connectors. Choose Conductx™ cables to get the best and coolest looking cables on your power supply; now available in UVred, UVgreen and UVblue. Conductx™ is part of the Ryanpower2's MODoptions, and so is the AcrylCover. AcrylCover is a 3mm thick piece of acryl around your Ryanpower2 to show off the inside of your power supply. AcrylCover comes with an AC Ryan BlackFire4 UV-LED fan and a FanGrill Classic to protect your fingers.

In short, the advantages of AC Ryan's CableFREE™ design are:
- no un-needed cables
- sleeved cables looks professional and neat
- improved airflow with reduced cable clutter
- future-proof with BTX, ATX-GES, EPS12V and more. Adapt to new specifications with new cables easily.
- maximum flexibility, choose longer / shorter cables according to needs
- enhanced cables possibilities - use extra performance cabling should the need arise

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