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jmke 27th April 2005 16:54

AC Ryan launches Meshx
April 2005 - AC Ryan set the path for modders that need more modding supplies... Such as the AcrylPanel. AC Ryan is focusing on bringing in more and more modding supplies to the modders to create their piece of art. AC Ryan launches Meshx - the new MeshxPanels and Meshx FanGuards. Meshx is a series of panels and fanguards for the creative and inventive modders. Create your custom meshed look with the new AC Ryan Meshx mod supplies!

Think of all the possibilities you have with Meshx... Sidepanels, power supply covers, dressing up your case or maybe even a full frontpanel? Mod your case just like those cool custom look casings like the new Lian Li or Mac G5 casing styles. What about meshing your water reservoir? Everything is possible!

The MeshxPanels are 500x500mm panels made of high quality stainless steel. Made for you to mod everything the way you want it. Small strips, whole side windows or just highlighting - total customization freedom! Meshx FanGuards are 0.8mm thick which ensures that they remain strong, durable and do not break easily. Install your Meshx FanGuard behind your design fan grill for that custom look. The Meshx FanGuard provides the function and does not intrude into the look / design of the the design fan grill.

Stainless steel construction is free from rust so they can be used with watercooling too. Add a layer of color coating - UV Paint! - for vibrant color quality finishing. Use them together with other AC Ryan products; AcrylPanel & MeshxPanel combined into the coolest water reservoirs or whole custom made casings even. Meshx fanguards together with AC Ryan fangrills for great unique fan modding. Everything is possible in the world of AC Ryan´s mod supplies!

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