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jmke 14th December 2007 08:59

9 Mtron SSD's in RAID 0
Our test bench had a total of 9 X Mtron 16GB SSD's (Solid State Drive's) in Raid 0. As you can imagine, a drive setup like this can cost upwards of $7000 at the present time. We horded and jumped onto this technology fast at NLH. We decided heck, why not try and test out the theoretical maximums on throughput using these SSD's? Yes I know exactly what you're thinking: Who in their right mind would have a drive setup like this?

Rutar 14th December 2007 20:40

man, that setup is WICKED

thorgal 15th December 2007 18:11

Lol @ the end of the article : "Volume discounts are available" :D

wutske 15th December 2007 19:49

allright :ws: . I wonder if you can get close to this by using some cheaper ($30/GB) SDHC cards :D

Kougar 16th December 2007 04:25

I don't think you'd find any SDHC readers that don't use the USB bus... ;)

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