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Sidney 18th October 2005 20:54

7800GT vs x1800xl
Today we got our hands on both an ATI X1800XL and NVIDIA 7800GT, so we decided to benchmark each of these cards with the same configuration to see what happens and how much bang you get for your buck.


agent #2 18th October 2005 21:15

Lol what a review. They just compare 3dmark2k5 scores. =|

jmke 18th October 2005 21:17

what a "review"

easypanic 18th October 2005 21:21

And what computer did they use? :)

Am I overlooking it?

jmke 18th October 2005 21:33

I guess one with a PCIe slot:p

easypanic 18th October 2005 21:35

Well ;p...

... is it normal to post benchmarks without pc configuration? :)

Gamer 18th October 2005 21:38


Your source for news, reviews, and information...

@ easypanic, don't think you will get away with this in your "review" ;)

jmke 18th October 2005 21:43

learn from their mistakes and ours :)

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