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jmke 13th August 2008 18:17

51-card NVIDIA folding rig can crank out 265,200 points / day
A person over at the forums and their folding@home team has put together an amazing folding farm, Consisting of 51 nVidia 8800 series GPU's and 13 MSI P6N Diamond motherboards which each have 4 PCI Express slots for 4 video cards per board, based on calculations this folding Juggernaut can put out about 265,200PPD

The Senile Doctor 13th August 2008 19:50

and yes! it is a waste of energy which will probably not avail to very much...

jmke 13th August 2008 20:05

hello doc :hello: welcome back?;)

this setup is a waste, that's for sure ;)

Kougar 13th August 2008 20:50

It's all old GPUs anyway, good use for them. A single P6N or K9A2 board plus four 9800GX2 cards would net 40,000PPD though...

Might be an insane electric bill, but certainly isn't a waste of energy. I guess you've never taken a look at the results F@H publishes regularly from all the work that gets done. ;)

The Senile Doctor 14th August 2008 06:21

I think the results hardly justify the extreme international powerdrain :)

I've never been gone, I was just backgrounding

Kougar 14th August 2008 06:50

So would it make a difference to you if the power drain was localized to several major datacenters housing mainframes and a supercomputer or two? The work needs to get done somehow. ;)

I think the results speak for itself:

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