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jmke 6th October 2004 20:56

3DMark Makers Upset with [H]ardOCP
Read this newsblurb at


Our good friend over at [H]ardOCP are coming under fire from the Futuremark over comments made about the new 3DMark 2005 benchmarking program. Here's the memo fired off to Kyle:

I strongly advise you to not to slander our product, 3DMark, on your web site. Take down all your false and unjustified and baseless claims about 3DMark.


Tero Sarkkinen
Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Futuremark Corporation,

But wait, it gets better. After asking for a response as to what constitutes as slander, this is what was stated:

You know what I mean. Your articles have consistently discredited 3DMark for years now and the few justifications there have sometimes been have been without merit. It seems to us as if you have something against our product personally and are using your popular website as a platform to attack and trying to discredit on purpose and with baseless claims and sometimes also with erroneous information.

That being said, after the whole FutureMark/NVIDIA scandal with 3DMark 2003, it's understandable that people would be leery of 3DMark as a benchmarking tool. [H]ardOCP has always told it like it is and they don't hold back or pander to companies to "make friends."

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