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jmke 11th June 2004 01:12

3D laptop without the funny glasses
For those road warriors tired with traditional two-dimensional displays of corporate data on their laptops, Sharp Systems of America has a new toy -- err, I mean business tool -- for you.

Here at the Mobile Showcase in Palm Springs, Sharp demonstrated a 3D notebook computer that offers what the company says is a realistic sense of depth and presence in the LCD display.

Although it was difficult to convey the 3D 'oohs and ahhs' to each attendee in the midsize conference room, the wow factor was conveyed, for me, by the behind-the-display technology, which seeks to imitate the way human eyes process depth by separating an image in two so there is a separation of light going to each eye of the person viewing the screen.

The fact that we have two eyes about 3 inches apart lets each eye see a slightly different view of an image. The brain unites these views, and interprets the distance to create a sense of depth. Similar to our brains, the Sharp Actius RD3D, displays two images at the same time, and with some Sharp switching technology combined with controlling the path of light, slightly different images reach the left and right eyes. They called it stereoscopic imagery, which previously required a person to wear funky red and blue glasses.

Oh yeah, the business applications are for drug discovery, engineering/CAD drawings, medical manufacturing, and mapping geophysical modeling, in case you were wondering.

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