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jmke 23rd May 2013 09:43

33 Node Beowulf Cluster built with Raspberry Pi
Not only did [Josh Kiepert] build a 33 Node Beowulf Cluster, but he made sure it looks impressive even if you donít know what it is. Thatís thanks to the power distribution PCBs he designed and etched. In addition to injecting power through each of the RPi GPIO headers they host an RGB LED which is illuminated in blue in the images above.

Quite some time ago we saw a 64-node RPi cluster. That one used LEGO pieces as a rack system to hold all of the boards. But [Josh] used stand-offs to create the columns of hardware which are suspended between top and bottom plates made out of acrylic. The only thing thatís unique about each board is the SD card and thatís why each has a label on it that identifies the node. These have been flashed with almost identical images; the host name and IP address are the only thing that changes from one to the next. Theyíve been put in order physically so that you can quickly find your way through the rack. But functionally this doesnít matterÖ put the card in any RPi and it will automatically identify itself on the network no matter where itís located in the rack.

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